Smartthings Hub

I’ve gone whole hog with building an Internet-Of-Things smart home and the Smartthings Hub is the center of a good chunk of the system.

This is all still cutting-edge stuff (as of 2015) and filled with strange quirks and bugs, but the Smartthings system is fun to play with and does a killer job with home management and security.

The sky is the limit with this system–it can do anything you think of with an unlimited range of “if this then that” scenarios using a webbed network of sensors, lights, and controls throughout the house. I’ve got every light switch and light in the house hooked in to the Smartthings hub, along with cameras and the Sonos system.

A Smartthings system also makes the ultimate killer security system that puts systems like ADT to shame. I’ve built up an epic system with backup power and backup internet connectivity that monitors every inch of the property with both motion sensors, vibration sensors, open/closed sensors, and cameras. In building the system, I designed several “threat levels” with the most severe triggering a series of ear-bleeding alarms and instantaneous notifications that go out to a list of contacts via text message, as well as instant in-app alerts to my family. Under severe threat, the entire interior of the house glows red while sirens wail–much like the Enterprise’s bridge when under attack. If it’s night time, flood lights pour over the property. And I made sure the entire system operates at 100% capacity if the intruder has cut off power and internet before breaching the critical areas of our property.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the future and the Smartthings hub should be relatively future-proof for some years to come since it is based around the Zigbee protocol. I absolutely love this system.

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