Pebble Steel

I’ve been through a few smartwatches since the very first Wimm watch. Every one of these watches, including the new Samsungs, fails for one reason: they try to do too much.

The Pebble works well because it works as a companion to your phone and doesn’t try to replace it.

I have a first-gen plastic Pebble and the latest Pebble Steel. The Android app is able to deal with both easily, allowing me to toggle back and forth. I keep the plastic Pebble around for sports, particularly running and bike riding.

One of the most overlooked features of the Pebble is its ability to control music. I run around everywhere with earphones in my ears and phone in my pocket. With the Pebble, I’m able to easily see what’s playing, pause/resume, scroll through songs, and adjust volume. It works well for audio books as well.

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