Lowepro CompuRover AW Camera Bag

I had this bag strapped to my back all across my journey through Egypt. It came with me in riverboats, falluccas, little planes, big planes, horse carriages, insanely bouncy vans, and even a hot air balloon. It scraped low entrances in temples and pounded the dirt near dig sites. It went with me everywhere except inside pyramids and King Tut’s tomb, where the police made me leave it at the door. It even survived a hike to the top of Mount Sinai in the worst torrential downpour of a storm to hit Egypt in half a century, thanks to its built in rain shield that can be deployed in an instant.

And when I got home and washed it down, it looked good as new and so did the camera and lenses it protected.

Every part of this bag is highly adjustable and the wide waist belt does a perfect job distributing the weight around the body’s trunk, rather than the shoulders. It’s a bulky bag to carry around but it holds quite a bit. You can fit an SLR camera body with attached lens plus four more lenses down in the lower pop-out compartment, leaving the upper compartment free for clothes, water, food, etc. And it’s got a quick zip laptop sleeve built into the body for quick passes through security lines.

There’s no other camera bag I would have wanted for a long trip through a third world country.

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