LG G Google Watch

I’ve been a Pebble watch addict since the day they came out. I was sort of hoping I wouldn’t like the Google watch so I could stick with my Pebble, but the Pebble has been replaced.

It’s not perfect, but having Google Now on my wrist is the killer feature in wearables. It’s very Dick Tracey-esque to be talking to my watch, so I’ve found myself checking to make sure no one’s looking whenever I have to speak to it.

The one thing I miss from the Pebble is hardware buttons. I liked being able to control my music by blindly grabbing buttons and knowing what they do. But the LG G requires lots of dedicated screen tapping to make things work.

I’ve got a good-sized wrist and this watch is right at the limit of looking ridiculously large, but it fits within the width of my wrist. And yes, it looks out of place on a smaller lady’s wrist.

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