Google Chromecast

I was one of those dorks who had the original Google Nexus Q that was introduced at Google I/O 2012. I loved it. Then Google killed it.

Enter the Chromecast. It’s everything the Q was and more (minus the space-aged spherical orb thing).

The Chromecast is a dream-come-true in home entertainment. It makes playing music and movies simpler than anything else out there. No set top boxes, separate remotes, or switching input sources around. Everything works one-touch provided you have the right AV equipment that can automatically switch sources when it picks up the Chromecast’s signal.

The Chromecast is my favorite tech device of 2013 and I’ve got them everywhere. I even carry one in my bag so I can plug it into other people’s TVs when I want to do an impromptu slide show or the like.

What I love about Chromecast:

  1. Plug and play–open box and plug into HDMI port: 40 seconds
  2. Setup–the whole process is as simple as can be. Like they say, it just works: 3 minutes
  3. 3rd party app support from the start.
  4. Browser sharing: YES! Love it.
  5. Out of site: the little dongle is 100% hidden behind the TV.
  6. This thing is so popular already I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots more apps soon.
  7. So cheap!

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