Fireti Titanium Wallet

There’s no such thing as “most unique” because an absolute is grammatically non-modifiable. But if there was, this would be it when describing wallets. If you’re a George Costanza in the wallet department, forget it. But if you’re a wallet minimalist with only a couple of cards, it works great. Press your thumb in the slot and the cards fan out to make selection easy. And that notch works as a bottle opener too, which has come in handy for me on an occasion or two. It’s not easy to carry much cash in these, but a few bills can be quad-folded in the center. Sometimes a secondary money clip or Nano Cache is in order to haul around that cash.

A guy in the UK machines these one by one from your custom specs. Choose two plates, design each, and connect them with bands. Then you wait. It takes many months before it ships since this is comes from a one-man factory.

It is lightweight. And it’s solid. If you drop it, hits the ground with an audible thud, which is a good thing because you’ll realize you just dropped your wallet.

Coolest. Wallet. Ever.

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