Chrome Niko Camera Sling Bag

This is Chrome’s original camera bag (there’s a larger version of it too now) and my favorite walk-around day camera sling. It can easily hold a full-size SLR with lens attached, along with a second lens in the main compartment. The upper compartment can hold spare batteries, sunglasses, etc. I even throw a packable jacket in the upper pocket sometimes.

The Niko’s tripod side straps are perfect for the Benro foldable travel tripod, my favorite walk-around tripod. It also makes a perfect holder for a foldable umbrella. I’ve even strapped both a tripod and an umbrella on with ease.

Unlike most sling bags I’ve tried, this one really swings around easily when the under-arm mini buckle is released. It make it simple and secure to switch lenses.

It’s not designed for a pro-sized SLR like the Canon 1Dx or 5D with battery grip attached, but you can stuff it in if necessary–it just bulges out a bit.

Get It At The Chrome Store

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