Chrome Bravo Black Backpack

Chrome makes my favorite bags around. And this one is my all-time favorite. There are two versions of this bag: the ‘made in China’ version (the cheaper one with faux leather) and this one, the ‘made in Chico, CA’ version. Both are nice, but with the Chico version, you get real leather and all-black trim, including a matte black little seat buckle fastener up front.

This may be the finest urban backpack ever constructed. And it’s good looking. People are constantly asking about mine which usually leads to me giving directions to the Chrome store on 4th Street.

The only problem with this (and most) Chrome bags is that there’s always some extra strap flapping around if I’ve got the bag in “thin mode” with the straps tightened down. To get around this, I got a pack of little Velcro tie wraps and made nice little strap holders that keep everything nice and streamlined with zero flapping. Speaking of Velcro, the only other downside is the shredding of Velcro every time I open one of the two compartments, but what can you do.

It’s got a thin enough profile that I don’t feel like a bull in a china shop when walking around, and when I need to carry larger items it’s got the rolltop that expands up and up and up. And it’s probably the most comfortable backpack I’ve ever owned. It’s one of those things that just becomes a part of you when you wear it.

Overall: Best. Backpack. Ever.

Get It At The Chrome Store