Benro Flat Leg Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

I’ve been through so many “travel” tripods that never seem to get it right. This Benro flat carbon fiber scratched me right where I itched.

The design works well because the legs all fold up into a flat rectangle, rather than the traditional triangle shape. The flat design makes it easy to pack and allows a slim profile when attaching to the side of a backpack like the Chrome Niko Sling.

The legs come out fast. I usually grab three of the lock screws and twist them all at once on each of the three legs, allowing an under ten second tripod deployment. To fold it up again, I do a rotational spin of the whole thing, loosening nine screws and then inverting the whole thing and letting gravity collapse the legs. I leave the last (thinnest) section of legs tucked in for additional stability.

I never use the upper neck extender piece. It just adds instability and takes up space. If I have to slouch over a bit to look through the camera it won’t kill me.

You’ll need to add a ball head as it is not included.

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