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Somewhere, a bit inland from the coast of Northern California, lies the remains of a defunct, eerie fun park. The rusted roller coaster tracks and six foot weeds don’t give this spooky place a very amusing feel anymore.

While slipping through a creaky gate to get some photos, a local emerged out of nowhere and warned us of legends of a crabby old property owner. As my shutter snapped away, I heard some rustling noises in the direction of a corroded trailer propped up among the weeds. Expecting a shotgun to appear through the trailer’s open door at any moment, I scrambled to get some last photos before bolting back towards the fence.

I don’t mention the location of this place because I get the impression the owner doesn’t like people digging around through his stuff. I just grabbed as many photos as possible because, from the looks of everything, rust is winning the battle against the decaying remains of a once happy place.

Tilt-A-Whirl Car #1
Things from Happier Days
The Scrambler
An Old Ride Queue
Tilt-A-Whirl Car #2
The First Climb Of the Roller Coaster
Paint Peels Off An Old Scrambler Car
In the Delight of Horror

In an abandoned amusement park.

The Snack Bar
The Mad Mouse #2
Behind the 'Mad Mouse' Roller Coaster
The Mad Mouse #1
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