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Somewhere, a bit inland from the coast of Northern California, lies the remains of a defunct, eerie fun park. The rusted roller coaster tracks and six foot weeds don’t give this spooky place a very amusing feel anymore.

While slipping through a creaky gate to get some photos, a local emerged out of nowhere and warned us of legends of a crabby old property owner. As my shutter snapped away, I heard some rustling noises in the direction of a corroded trailer propped up among the weeds. Expecting a shotgun to appear through the trailer’s open door at any moment, I scrambled to get some last photos before bolting back towards the fence.

I don’t mention the location of this place because I get the impression the owner doesn’t like people digging around through his stuff. I just grabbed as many photos as possible because, from the looks of everything, rust is winning the battle against the decaying remains of a once happy place.

Tilt-A-Whirl Car #1
Things from Happier Days
The Scrambler
An Old Ride Queue
Tilt-A-Whirl Car #2
The First Climb Of the Roller Coaster
Paint Peels Off An Old Scrambler Car
In the Delight of Horror

In an abandoned amusement park.

The Snack Bar
The Mad Mouse #2
Behind the 'Mad Mouse' Roller Coaster
The Mad Mouse #1
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  • Travis

    How do you get here?
    please email me any info you have

  • Mike

    Where is this? Can’t remember a defunct amusement park in Northern California.

  • Kelco

    It’s right off the 116 in Guerneville, if I remember correctly. I got yelled at by some bearded old guy for taking a photo of the Mad Mouse…

  • GB

    Maybe J’s Amusement Park? If so, it closed in 2003, and they used to hold special events there such as a haunted house during Holloween.

  • Woody

    Did you ever think about askig permission jerk??

  • Mommaswann

    The owner owns the campground next door….the entrance is on Mays Canyon Rd

  • Mommaswann

    The owner owns the campground next door….the entrance is on Mays Canyon Rd

  • Davidmoreano

    wud luv 2 c! where?..and how do i get there?..

  • Davidmoreano

    wud luv 2 c! where?..and how do i get there?..

  • jj

    You ever think about not being a dick?

  • jj

    You ever think about not being a dick?

  • Linda Lipps Cervon

    Wonderful photos! I’m enjoying my Sunday exploring your site and the evocative images. I live in Central CA and am familiar with most of your locations so it’s doubly fun.

  • Tamba

    I went to this place as a kid. Had completely forgotten about it…

  • Sams friend

    I worked there for a week in 1980. I was 16. The owners Jerry Skaggs was a decent guy and his wife ran the place from the ticket booth.
    They did not want to pay me something about work shirts. The son Mike was working there and i was affraid of him but i dont know why. I rember leaving angry. The hauntings are a little girl named Sam who had long black hair and was there all the time because her parents were sevrre drug users and allways high . Sam was taken from J’s by a drug addict user friend of her moms and was never seen again except allegidly by a horrified boy who found her lifeless beaten body tangled in branches in a drainage ditch on a beach where The man had dumped her body after he horribly and violently beat her to death. She was one of many but after he was convicted for multiple murders Sam was never connected.Her lips were blue. This boy was so affraid that he gently untangled his little friend its rumored he diddnt want her to know what happened to her and how she looked so he envisioned her still beautiful and talked to her comforting her explaining she was going to heaven and it is as all ok. Rumor has it she saw herself and was so furious that her ghost attached its spirit back to J’s and she wanders the property looking for someone who can tell her what happened. Its also rumored the boy was lead by an godlike spirit that gave him wisdom about the tragedy and he set her body free floting down the river and forever out to sea. He loved Sam and she understood why he couln not tell anyone he found her. Her parents were heroin addicts e who a few days after Sam was murdred got busted with huge quantities of drugs and went to prision and Sam was never missed

  • K Hill

    All these years I thought J’s was still operating … I just looked it up to send a link to some friend’s who recently moved to Nor Cal and it is like a piece of the happy child living inside of me died. J’s is part of so many of my happy childhood memories. I lived in Santa Rosa until I was 11 and, well, some not happy things happened and we ended up in Southern California. I learned to drive on that go-cart track, I was driving my own cart as young as 5 and winning races due to my foot off gas into the turn, then punching the gas out and never taking my foot off of it and the fact I probably only weighed about 45 pounds. I’m still the go-cart champ in our family. J’s was definitely an awesome place … I’m glad my residual happy memories are floating around there.

  • Kayla Krohn Stowe

    There is nothing left of this place went to see about a month ago. Guard dogs still remain. BIG ONES.

  • Lisa

    I looked it up on google maps and it doesn’t look like the rolled coaster is there anymore. Can you give any more information?

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  • Kimber

    This place is not abandoned. The owners live there. The amusement park materials are still out there. I have a friend that lives there and I visit often. I’ve never seen or experienced paranormal activity but the old rides are creepy.

  • Korie Yarborough

    I lived in this town when I was younger. The mad mouse Roller coaster was freaky. You sat in a box like seat, 2 people at the most, no seat belt and road the coaster that seriously made me feel like you’d fly off at any time. They had bumper cars, 1 water slide, go karts in the back. Mainly rides that made you sick. I’m sad to hear it closed down though.

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