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A few shots from my last last trip to our nation’s capital in September. I Brought a backpack full of camera gear, including my new Canon 2x extender for some super-close ups of things far away, including secret service guys on the roof of the White House who were looking back at me through their scopes. Also did some HDR series and long exposures.

Neoclassical Twilight

The neoclassical Thomas Jefferson Memorial was designed by John Russell Pope and built from 1939-1943. The bronze statue of Jefferson was added in 1947.

Squares Intertwined
US Capitol
The Hourglass Empty
The Man, The Legend
Going Down
Lincoln Memorial
US Capitol
Washington Monument
Capitol Rush
US Capitol
White House
As Time Ticks By
The Smithsonian
Subterranean Rush Hour

The Washington DC Metro departs the station.

These Memories Never Sleep
Never Seem to Fade
Not Forgotten

Vietnam Memorial

For the People
Supreme Court
Supreme Court
12:17 PM
The Helix Entwines

The staircase of the US Supreme Court.

Washington DC
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