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While wandering the streets of Madrid waiting for the Vuelta a España peleton to arrive, I got a chance to catch some junior racing through the streets of Madrid. I told the security guys I was with the press and they let me in to the pre-race compound.

This was a huge day for the junior bike racers of Spain–they came from all corners of the country for the chance to race through the streets of Madrid in front of thousands of spectators. The Spanish take their bike racing seriously! The junior races followed the same finishing circuit that the soon-to-arrive Vuelta a Espana peleton will take. They had motos with cameramen, support cars, and thousands of cheering spectators.

The kids kept shouting ¡FOTO! ¡FOTO! to me, proud to have their pictures taken with their teams:

Getting psyched to race through the heart of Madrid in front of thousands...
Showing off the new wheels...
Team Sa Nostra
A team from Valencia eager to start...
¡FOTO! ¡FOTO! they yelled! Today is the big day and the kids love media coverage.
Anticipating start time...
Reading yesterday's junior racing news.
The feared Team Madrid awaits its start time.
Signing in
Around the hairpin...the Vuelta peloton is on the way and will race through the same turn in a few hours.
Team follow cars, motos, and TV cameras galore.
...and the starting cannon fires!
Now the boys early break!
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