Dronography: Unique aerial photo and video perspectives through the lens of a drone.

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I’ve been sending up my DJI Inspire 1 over San Francisco every chance I get. This baby takes incredibly sharp and steady 4k video. It’s like a tripod in the sky with the path-tracking full-gimbal camera. I was so blown away by the video and photo quality of the Inspire that I don’t even want to go back to editing all the video I shot from my old Phantom drone. There’s no comparison.

Since flying is more fun than video editing, I really just need to find the time to put some new videos together. The next dronography videos I release will be:

  • The demolition of Candlestick Park: I now have over 3 hours of 4k footage of demolition work on Candlestick taken from bi-weekly flights over the stadium. When the Stick is completely gone, I will edit everything down to a ~4 minute video.
  • SoMa from the air: I’ve been shooting over SF’s South of Market for the past year covering the high-rise construction, Bay Bridge, Ferry Building, and Embarcadero, and even a full speed (55mph) pass from over the bay through Cupid’s Span.