noun \ˈkläk-ə-ˌgraf\ : a functioning clock made entirely of 1440 photographs, one for each minute of the day

Clockograph Progress

Clockograph Photo Progress
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The Clockograph is a functioning photographic timepiece I am constructing made entirely of photos I have taken around the world. The Clockograph cycles through each of the 1440 minutes that make up a day. Each photo shows the current time somewhere in the photo. On every minute, the photo advances to the next minute.

The time might be right in your face, like the face of a clock tower. Sometimes it might be more challenging to figure out, like finding a wristwatch in a crowd, reading a sundial, or interpreting a binary clock. While much of the Clockograph shows interesting clocks, city scenes, architectural elements, I also try to balance a human element to get a glimpse into people’s lives at particular times of the day. Nothing is set up or posed. Every person is a stranger.

The partially-complete Clockograph is running live at It runs most solidly in the late morning to mid-afternoon. Feel free to drop by!