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My once little family site has taken a life of its own and is now mostly related to San Francisco, photography, travel, urban exploration, and some other projects I work on in my spare time. I have a few hundred photos up here, a few thousand more on my Flickr and 500px pages, and over a million more on my Drobo-based server. I’m usually happy to share photos with other sites and publications.

This site home to the 1906+Today photo mashups that have been published in newspapers, magazines, and over 1000 websites around the world. It started out in part 1 and part 2 posts, and grew into nearly 200 mashups that I have presented to local history groups and shown in galleries. Over 50 of these prints are for sale in beautiful ultra-resolution prints, MetalPrints, and mounted ThinWraps.

I occasionally post mini-reviews of some of my favorite photo gear. Or reviews of other gear I can’t live without. I used to take photos out the window of my airplane, but lately I’ve been buzzing my drone all over San Francisco to capture tons of HD video and photos. I’ve started a new series called Retroscans where I restore and share old 35mm slides from the ’50s to ’70s. I’m trying another new series called Urban Ruins where I overlay old maps in modern-day 3D models. I built an interactive map of the Bay Area with details on my favorite spots. On top of that I’m also halfway done building a horrendously-complicated photographic clock.

But none of this is my real job. At work, I design project management web applications and manage a team of developers for one of the world’s largest communications companies.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Shawnclover.com ver 9 “Iguana” rolled out June 2014. The new site is fluid, adaptive, responsive, retina, parallax, and every other buzzword we’re using these days. It runs in separate modes for desktop, tablet, and phone. I’ve decided to convert all my blog post photos to a flipable and mobile-friendly slideshow format with preemptive lazy loading, rather than the traditional lightbox format I’ve been using for years.


Ver 1 “Agamas” hit the interwebs in 2003. It was themed around Clucky the Chicken from the SNL Cluckin’ Chicken bit. It started out as a family site, but I had to move the family to safer grounds after traffic picked up and brought along with it the usual invasive species known as trolls.


My little site saw over 40,000 unique visitors per day in late 2012 and thanks to the instantly-scaleable database cluster it runs on and the Cloudfront CDN that serves up media, it never even broke a sweat. I get surges every couple of weeks or so, usually for my earthquake mashups. The fourth most popular Google term that lands people on my page is “stairway to heaven oahu deaths.” Well isn’t that special.


Top 10 visitors come from (in order): US, Czech Republic, UK, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Australia, Finland, and Spain. A third of my site’s visitors are in the 25-34 year old range. 46% of my visitors are female. My typical visitor is interested in individual sports, consumer electronics, travel, historical sites & buildings, and/or food & drinks. How Google Analytics knows some of these things, I have no idea.


My hosting is powered by Mediatemple’s Grid service with a blazing-fast SSD-hosted MySQL Smartpool. My worldwide content delivery network is powered by Amazon Cloudfront, normally in a CDN-pull configuration, but sometimes a push configuration for when I want to torture myself with the complexities associated with that. My photo galleries and sales are powered by Smugmug Pro.


I handcrafted shawnclover.com using ecologically-sustainable code. I use 100% recycled code wherever possible. I only use scripts never tested on animals. And I would never dream of using revenue-producing contaminants. Warning for Internet Explorer users: May cause side effects including, but not limited to: depression, seizures, strange dreams, heart palpitations, nausea, vertigo, tingling in extremities, and suicidal thoughts. Use of a real browser highly recommended.