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Thank you for the overwhelming response to my 1906 + Today Earthquake photo mashups. In one week in August 2012, the story of my photo mashups hit the front pages of dozens of major websites including MSN, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Digg, Reddit, Popular Science, the Daily Mail UK, SFGate, KQED, Laughing Squid, the New York Daily. At last count, the photos have been featured on over 400 websites. I’ve been doing TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine interviews from around the world and trying to reply to messages, comments, and tweets by the thousands, but I’m still far behind.

Two requests I’ve been seeing repeatedly is for prints and for a book. The good news is that some high-quality prints are now available and a book is in the works.frameandbook

Coming Soon: The Book

The book is a go, and now has its own page: Fade to 1906.

Prints Now Available

A limited selection of prints are now available from my 1906 + Today Earthquake photo mashups. Prints from this collection are printed by Smugmug partner Bay Photo and shipped directly to you using my full-resolution masters and contain no watermarks or borders. Prints are available in frame-ready sizes from 8×12″ all the way up to 24×36″. I’ve also made available float-mounted MetalPrints which I have in my own home and I can tell you they are awesome. Prices start at just $25 and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Please note that I cannot sign these prints as they are shipped directly to you from the photo lab. If the mashup photo you seek is not in the store, it is because either I do not yet have the right to commercially sell it from the owner of the original or it is of insufficient resolution to make a good print.

Browse available prints HERE.


  • LRStrand

     Have you thought about publishing it as print-on-demand through blurb.com?

  • Yes I’m basing everything on blurb right now. It would really be nice to find a publisher though.

  • Maura Clover

    This is lovely, creative work. I doubt we’re related but my father-in-law Robert Maxwell Clover was a professional photographer that covered the Nuremberg trials as a WWII correspondent. He was President of the White House News Photographers Association in 1949-1950 and hailed from Canada prior to becoming a U.S. citizen. His photographs are amazing and historical. Your mashup of the earthquake is fantastic, thanks for sharing.

  • Maura, thanks. Great to hear from another Clover. My family is doing some work on our family tree now and I sent this to them–looks like no connection unfortunately.

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