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Oahu is known as Hawaii’s “gathering place” due to its population and activity. Not having spent more than a day on Oahu before, I had a chance to grab some photos of the deep, saturated colors of the island, even though I only packed a single lens. Most of these pictures are of some pretty obscure, off-the-beaten path places, like Leonard’s Bakery (they make some tasty stuff). Pearl Harbor is unforgettable and the Haiku Stairs are awe-inspiring.

I did manage to sneak my way in to Aloha Stadium and poke around the empty structure’s innards with the camera–what an eerie place. The rusty, run-down structure ominously creeks and groans with every shift of the breeze. If they ever demolish the place, maybe I’ll post the behind-the-scenes pictures as a tribute.

Aloha Stadium - Empty
Revolving Bar
USS Bowfin
Mighty Mo
This Bird Had Flown

F14 Tomcat in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Dragon Boat
Playing Hookie
Football Practice
Old Oahu Railway
Oahu Railway
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